The Convergence

—Cycles in Attunement—

E. Brem Evens
Article #2 in our series on Ethics

E. Brem Evens, a philosopher and writer whose works have been featured internationally, has spent years investigating the balance between the visible and invisible realms of existance. A contributor to the U.N.'s SEAT organization (Society of Enlightenment and Transformation) this essay highlights another viewpoint of "life cycle changes" as related to the U.S. election.

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The Convergence:

Cycles in Attunement

In observing and embracing the phenomena of the twenty-first century's first U.S. Presidential election, with its intricacies, alliances, theatrics, positioning and grandeur, what comes to mind are two research tools modeling Systems Dynamics that beg to be woven into the canvas of this electoral epic; all under the heading of shifting paradigms. Used as a means of charting change and explained in detail in James Gleick's book, Chaos, they are known as Differential and Difference Equations.

"Differential Equations" describe processes that change smoothly over time but they are very hard to compute. The use of "Difference Equations" as a measurement tool, on the other hand, provides a more adaptable model that measures discrete time intervals, like a watch hand that jerks forward second by second instead of gliding continuously around the face of a clock.

Gleick gives this example of the equation's application: "Unlike people many insects stick to single breeding seasons so that their generations do not overlap. To guess next spring's gypsy moth population or next winter's measles epidemic a researcher may need only to know the figures for preceding years. A year-by-year facsimile may produce no more than a shadow of a system's intricacies, but in many real applications the shadow gives all of the information a researcher requires to reach valid conclusions. This is a good set of working rules and not overly complicated."

What a compelling picture it is if we assert that, in very profound ways, people are not dissimilar to insects if the axiom inherent in the Difference Equation is applied to humanity as "segmented masses in movement." Overlaying this equation on the present U.S. electoral dilemma simply highlights a national community entering into another cycle of its own creation, namely, the four-year presidential ritual that is fired by the fuels of alliances, party, culture, economics, class, race, and religion as well as other personal and perhaps more subtle though equally combustible elements.

An accelerated metamorphosis is the nature of our global cyclical heartbeat and while some individuals knowingly acknowledge the phenomena that we, as a terrestrial culture, are deep into the rebirthing canal of a planetary reattunement, transiting the chrysalis stage that was the twentieth century, many are oblivious to this change. The caterpillar of yesterday, our collective, is soon to exit either as a butterfly articulating its beauty and splendor, or as a horridly maligned terrestrial perversion steeped in a quagmire of psychic incarceration, neo-enslavement and a bountiful mediocrity based on ecocide; Skylab's soaring, life costs skyrocketing and terrestrial pawns orbiting, unaware, in a void between ballot and bailiff - storm clouds on the horizon.

What insights and lessons can be gleaned from the dance of America's ever-in-conflict ideological camps that are focused solely on the goal post of a contemporary throne, itself an ancient vestige of clear intent and heartfelt purpose? It is evident, and to be honored, that the civility across the nation, thus far, during this "civil opposition," is a credit to the deepest tenets of American culture as another great experiment heralds a transmutation of both national and global proportions.

Most evident in this epic play is the two party monopoly that is in reality one. It is preordained and self-serving, nurtured and pruned by an encompassing cycle of a corporate collective; whilst an electorate in pawn-play embody a prefabricated/boisterous majority on the periphery of two divided and conditioned possibilities . . . solely, not soulfully, guided by an ecclesiastical occultation praising donkeys and elephants.

Difference Equations encourage us to weave this mini election cycle into the tapestry of greater cycles which are the cornerstone projections of ancient cultures and knowledge that spans the ages; knowledge about the rhythms at play that are in conjunction at this time in Earth's unfolding. These cycle rhythms impact all terrestrial cultures; the drama plays out not only on the American stage that is the nexus of this essay. By focused research it is possible to glean information honed by the ancients that will give clarity to the shifts surrounding us, offering another viewpoint with which to understand the process of America's millennium stalemate, honor it as a draw, and recognize the ramifications as a vehicle to grow from and not a schism to battle over. In this light, how might we use Difference Equations to plot future consequences on the map of an unfolding global phenomenon?

The cycle of the Mayan calendar, the Aboriginal Dream Time and the Hopi Prophecy give a compelling vista of this threshold's change, the latter referring to this twenty-first century entry as the time of the Great Purification, projecting a metamorphosis of awesome magnitude initiating the next stage of earth's evolvement. These systems, and many others, are relevant applications of Difference Equations for they are ancient projections which cast a telltale shadow that overlays the local and global cycle of this 2001 portal. In the bantering about of legal-at-ease who are those who will step outside the box of limited vision to embrace and give meaning, with wisdom, to both cycles: the esoteric intangible as well as physical logic-driven tangibility?

All cyclic fields are in action: the Cali Yugas 7,200-year cycle envisioned by ancient Hindu seers in a psychic transference places an alpha/omega point, one of spiritual ascendancy, in this segment of time, while the last Mayan 5,200-year Katun cycle, signified as 13 AHAU, closed with the galactic synchronization beam that heralded the return of the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987 as the harbinger of a new order and lifestyle. Contemporarily, the accepted viewpoint of our scientific community funneling the information of past cycles through a lens of today states that "Humanity, considered as a single entity, is a teenager careening out of control - never wanting to grow up and face the consequences for its own irresponsibility." Perhaps we are simply another species of great potential maturing in our own cycle dance oblivious of visiting von Neumann probes.

Difference Equations embrace interlinked cycles in a new vision that grounds us in three dimensions: the terrestrial, the galactic and the star field of Universe. "Three is the Formula of all creation," wrote mid-nineteenth century novelist Honore de Balzac. This equation identifies the cycles in which all things are interrelated and consciously attainable in this parsec of time-attunement that may, instead of election, lead to elation of the highest order unfolding as an evolvement of consciousness. Adding to this equation the knowledge that there is no time/space difference, in quantum mechanical terms, between the small cycle and the Universal prime invites a deeper assessment of these cycles, which are often interpreted as separate.

We've traveled a fast paced journey in this essay. If you've reached this point less than confused and without a blossoming of judgment please embrace the challenge herein which encourages you to accept your creative role as a "Systems Mechanic." In this guise you will grow in the ability to embrace multiple possibilities in a parsec of time and overlay them on the priorities of your life in an "out of the box" manner. The illusion/delusion opiate in our media-driven, fast paced, technological and consumer-oriented world can be compelling and arresting while the conditioning factors are awesome in their proportions. Like the adult elephant who will not tug against the most fragile of chains because of its training when very young, your quest will be to identify and transcend the ideas, dogmas, philosophies and concepts which were the psychic branding irons of your formative years, and with great heart, tenacity and consciousness move through this rebirthing as an empowered you; discovering the journey that you came here to travel.

The new ethic involves watchfulness fired by heart, compassion and an understanding of the forces that are rapidly changing, coming together or fragmenting all around you. Understanding the shadow, achieving clarity through Difference Equations, gives all of us the information required to reach valid conclusions about the cycles unfolding in our rapidly changing world; especially an insightfulness about the future path/cycles convergence of the two aged and embattled legions of American politics that are sponges for the preconditioned masses. The new politic is not about politics but about an awakening spiritual reality that is global in proportion and is, of itself, ethics incarnate. For it is that unfolding consciousness that sustains us and connects us, in due time, with an acceptance of all the life stages that we are actors on, all of the growing possibilities and all of the school rooms on this terrestrial Holodeck. The new ethic is transiting beyond a conditioned politic of the day to embrace a rising crescendo of interlinked realities, visible and invisible, at the very same time. It is a most empowering and life-giving journey; perhaps the most compelling opportunity embracing us. I wish you well on your quest.

E. Brem Evens

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Editors note:

Our Ethics segment of the Forum is an effort to hear from many in our communities about the quality of performance and decorum expected from those in positions of leadership; we embrace the fact that each of us is a leader. This is a complex and paradoxical subject which is simply about human interrelationship and intentioning. We'll be highlighting the views and dreams of many folks, while honoring a broad range of perspectives and insights on this journey. Thanks to E. Brem Evens for this essay.

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